About Me


As you may have gathered from now my name is Jack Cooksey. I currently reside in Perth, Western Australia but originally I come from the UK, from a town called Preston. Before living in England I also lived on a small country off the coast of Spain called Gibraltar. I left the UK on my 8th birthday (Mum is to never book our flights again) , as my family believed that it was the right decision to improve all of our lives and go abroad, and we have never looked back since.

As far as my hobbies go I enjoy the casual video game and like anything that involves technology. In fact I’m well known for dropping an iPhone on live TV, but that’s another story. The biggest love of my life though is without a doubt sport. I follow all sports on a regular basis and in my spare time if I’m not playing a game I am most likely watching sport or reading sport news. My favourite sport, being English and all is of course Football, or as Aussies like to call it Soccer. Unlike most English football fans I don’t support a top tier team rather a lower league team called Preston North End. I enjoy watching them play so much that I am willing to get up during the week at 3AM to watch them play live whenever they are televised on TV.

In the past I have wrote for an online magazine, other gaming news blogs and a few sports blogs. I now assisting in the running of a sports statistic website called Dream-Stats.com where I also moderate and I also write a couple articles a week at Pocketfullofapps.com. My goal is to get a job as either a sports or technology journalist after finishing my double major in Journalism and Broadcast at ECU.


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