Why I am upgrading to the new iPhone 6

The new iPhone is only days from release. I will be braving whatever weather is thrown at me on Friday morning to line up and get hold of my iPhone 6. Below I explain why I will be doing this. Just under $1000, that’s how much it is going to cost me to buy the new iPhone.


Thats not cheap. For $1000 I can buy

  • Two Playstation 4 consoles ($499EA)
  • A 7 Night Holiday in Singapore including return flights and 4* accommodation ($980)
  • A car (Driveable but not amazing STILL A CAR)
  • A Macbook

That’s just off the top off my head. So by buying an iPhone I am throwing all that away (Well I still plan on going on that holiday and already have a Ps4, Car and Macbook but you get what I am saying)

Why? Well before I go into that i’ll give you a short backstory. 

I have had many phones over my time. My first phone was given to me by my parents. It was a nokia brick which did it’s job. It made the calls it needed to and it sent texts. Perfect for that time of my life when I was just attending school. I then received a samsung phone which did the exact same job but looked a bit nicer. Both these phones did their jobs superbly and never broke no matter how much I threw them around.

E71As I got older though people around me were getting bigger and better phones. You had the Blackberry, Motorola and Nokia phones which all came with a keyboard and looked very similar in design. Me being jealous kept begging my parents for one until they eventually gave in and got me a Nokia E71. Despite having this much more advanced phone I found I was only using it the same way I used the other phones, to send texts and receive calls.

The first time I came across the iPhone was when I got to have a look at my teachers iPhone 3G. The fact it had a touchscreen just made it so much cooler than any phone I had seen before. The way it ran was so smooth and it came with games! This was amazing.

It wasn’t until 2012 though that I got my hands on a iPhone. I between me first touching a iPhone and buying one I had gone through multiple other phones all of them running Android. None of them gave me those first impressions that the iPhone gave me. I worked a horrible job at a local fast food chain and managed to save up to buy the iPhone 4S. That is the phone I still have today because I haven’t felt the need to upgrade. Like any other phone I have purchased and liked it has done the job I asked of it. It searched the internet, let’s me use my social networks and allows me to make calls and texts.

So why am I getting an iPhone 6?

Iphone 6.1Size: The iPhone 6 has a larger screen. This is something I have wanted for a longtime and the only reason I have been jealous of those that owned a Samsung or other Android phone. I never jumped ship though because of how much I disliked the Android OS. The new screen size of the iPhone 6 (4.7″) is more than enough to satisfy me whilst being a good enough size to fit into my pocket and hold into my hand. I bet at this stage you are thinking “Why not get the 5S then?”. Simply put, I didn’t feel like I needed to for other reason I will list below.

Resolution: When I first got my iPhone 4S I didn’t have any diagnosed eyesight problems. It wasn’t until just recently that I have got ever increasing headaches when viewing my phone and other small devices. So much so that I now have to wear glasses when I use my phone on a heavy basis to prevent myself getting a headache. This is again where the 6 comes in. The new resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels is a big increase on the 4S which had 640 x 960 pixels. Hopefully this would mean I will get less headaches whilst viewing my phone.

Features: There are so many new features that have been added to the iPhone 6. I have two though which are my favourites. First is the TouchID button. When I used to go to my mates I always left to discover that I had hundreds of texts and status updates saying “I’m Gay” or “I Love Cock”. There was two solutions to this first was to tell them to leave my phone alone. But then I realised I probably would do the same to them. So I put the lock screen on my phone. I hate having to have a lock screen. I want to quickly respond to texts and this slows down the process. So the TouchID which will eliminate this hassle is a great addition to the phone. Apple Pay is another great addition to the iPhone and is something I could see myself using. When I go clubs or to the bar I have to bring a card. But bringing a card becomes a hassle. My phone, it follows me everywhere. When I bring a wallet though it doesn’t. Having an iPhone with Apple Pay would mean I can leave my cards at home and i’ll always have a way to pay on me.

Camera: Usually people use the camera on their phones to just post fancy pictures of them and/or their food on Instagram and Facebook. I doing a Journalism Degree require the camera to do much more. Now more than ever there is a requirement of you being able to take a picture in an instance. With the greater quality of pictures and video of the new phone it becomes a great addition to the phone.

Storage: My current phone only has 16GB in storage. That has been fine for me as I only ever used it to browse the net, make calls or text. But now that I need to take pictures, video’s and have multiple apps its become necessary for bigger storage. The fact that I can purchase the 64GB for the price of a 32GB is great and another reason I am willing to upgrade.

Network: The iPhone 4S didn’t have 4G capabilities. The 6 does and it should come in handy in the future when more 4G antenna’s become available in Australia. Also the eventual addition of being able to make calls over my WiFi is a huge plus. I am pretty much always connected to WiFi, being on campus all day or at home. Being able to use this cheaper alternative to make calls will become a great bonus. It also allows me to call some of my mates, some whom don’t have 3G connection in their houses.

Other: The lightning connector is something I nearly forgot to bring up. I have an iPad Mini and as most will know that uses the lighting connector whilst the 4S doesn’t. I have got into instances where I have only had the lightning connector on me meaning that I couldn’t charge my phone as none of my mates tend to have 30pin phones. Now I only need to one cord to charge both my devices.

iPhone 6.2 Why iPhone? Simply put, connectivity. It allows me to connect to all my other Apple devices with ease. Great in this modern era. I will be lining up early Friday morning despite having already reserved my iPhone 6 to enjoy the whole experience of the launch. $1000 despite being a huge amount of money is an amount I am willing to pay because I know I will get the perfect device for that price. Tweet us @Triggywiggy to let us know if you will be upgrading.


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